Barry Thomas is the owner of Bathcrest of Denver plus he does the work for you.

He is the senior franchise owner of over 200 dealers worldwide. He has owned and operated Bathcrest of Denver since 1985. Considered among the best in the industry, we are proud to provide you with the bathroom remodeling solutions you need as well as the quality you deserve.

We have been specializing in resurfacing for over 30 years.

We are continuously striving to offer the best service to our customers. Something you will quickly realize when you choose us.

Bathcrest of Denver has achieved success by providing quality bathroom remodeling service.

We know that you will find what you are looking for with our services because we stand behind our work and know that we will deliver the customer satisfaction that you're looking for.
Barry has helped thousands of homeowners with tremendous success to get the bathroom remodel they want in less time and for less money.
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Customer Reviews

Honest and reliable

Kandy H. - Denver, CO, 09/28/2015

"Had my tub refinished today and I would highly recommend the company Bath Crest! 6 months after having the house the white paint started chipping to show a blue tub! It was evident it was just painted over incorrectly in the past. Berry with Bath Crest was soooo nice! From the phone call to meeting in person he was very professional. You could tell he is a real honest and reliable man!!! He showed me the entire process and what the "flippers" did incorrectly ensuring I would not have the same problem again! He worked hard and it is beautiful. I would recommend to anyone!"