You can update your bathroom for $350 to $600 in most cases by resurfacing instead of replacing!

If your bathroom is in the need of a little updating or refreshing, you don't have to spend $15,000 or more for a remodeled bathroom. In these economic times, Bathcrest of Denver offers a quick, professional, mess free solution to renew your tub by resurfacing what already exists.

The entire process takes only 3-5 hours - Your bathtub can be used again in 48 hours!

Our product has a five year nationally backed guarantee. The life expectancy of our product is more like 15-20 years! The bathtub or shower refinishing process is inexpensive, incredibly durable and convenient. Besides resurfacing tubs and shower pans, Bathcrest of Denver also repairs chips and imperfections.

Proud of being one of the best in the business.

Barry can custom match colors for repairs, on location. Plus, he can also install our patented “Walk-thru” - a handicap-accessible tub cut-out that retrofits your existing bathtub to make it easily accessible without the cost of a full bathroom remodel!
Bathtub in Denver

Bathcrest of Denver is fully licensed and equipped to offer you professional resurfacing services.

Resurfacing products and services include

  • Porcelain repair and refinish
  • Acrylic repair and resurface
  • Bath tub refinish
  • Bath tub resurfacing
  • Bathtubs repair and refinish
  • Cast Iron repair and refinish
  • Chip repair for tubs, sinks, tile, showers, stoves
  • Enamel repair and refinish
  • Fiberglass repair and refinish
  • Resurface fiberglass units
  • Shower pan repair and refinish
  • Sink chip repair
  • Steel fixtures repair and refinish
  • Stove chip repair
  • Tub to shower conversion
  • Claw foot tub experts

Bathcrest of Denver provides expert porcelain and bath resurfacing services for commercial facilities

  • Multi-unit Apartment building
  • Fitness centers / Gyms / Training Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes / Assisted living facilities
  • High rise office buildings
  • Schools / Colleges / Universities

Special bathroom remodel services for the elderly, disabled or handicap

  • Easy access bath tub cutout
  • Handicap accessible tub
  • Handicap accessible shower
  • Tub to shower conversion
  • Walk-in bathtubs
Bathcrest of Denver offers wide variety of bathroom remodeling options. We will definitely be able to meet your needs and deliver the satisfaction that you are looking for. We have both the technical expertise as well as the experience to know how to handle all jobs, big or small.

Resurfacing Materials include

  • Cast iron
  • Ceramic
  • Enamel
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Porcelain
  • Repair holes drilled in tile or damaged tile repair
Bathtub in Denver
Walk through bathtub conversion service
Customer Reviews


by Bob & Suzie, 04/06/2014
"After moving into a new house (new to us) it was clear there was a lot of wear on the fiberglass shower pan and it was impossible to clean it properly. Replacing it was extremely expensive - a full remodel was out of the question. The work done by Barry has made that shower pan look new and has given us a lot of satisfaction regarding our choice."